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In 1981, Christ called on us to begin a mission of education and guidance for children under 5 years old. We set out on that mission to provide a strong educational foundation through Christ, and as time went on, we saw that mission expand to include children in primary education as well.

What began as a daycare setting has grown into a collection of schools each serving children under Christ’s leadership.

As of today, we’re able to serve over 2900 children in West Texas, from 6 months of age up to the fourth grade. Nursery locations like Kids Are Cool and Creative Learning Center give preschool-aged children the care they need before they’re old enough for our educational facilities like Treehouse Children’s Academy and Children’s Orchard Academy. And for kids who need an extended day beyond their school’s ability, we offer after school programs like Stepping Stones. No matter the age or time we get to serve them, each child benefits from an accredited Christian-based curriculum.

We still care for nursery to preschool-aged children, but now our impact is able to follow them as they begin their schooling career, with both TRS and NAPS certified facilities as well as after school facilities. We feel it is important to educate our students from God's point of view and the accumulated wisdom of the past, and our growth into primary educational schools has helped us in that mission. As they age, we hope each child gains a firm foundation with which to evaluate their present situation and make educated, well-thought decisions in the future.

Our Schools

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